What is Scientific Hand Analysis?

You know that expression, ‘your life is in your hands’? Well, it’s true. Or, at least the map to your life is.

Scientific Hand Analysis is not predictive (sorry, no winning lottery numbers) and it’s not magic, although it may feel like it’s magic. It is accurate and transformative, based on 40 years of research data and was discovered by Richard Unger.

Your fingerprints are formed in the womb at 14 to 16 weeks, and they never change. Prints may also appear in the palms of your hands. Your fingerprints reveal what you have come to do on a soul level, and those patterns in your hands are what make you uniquely you.

The lines in your hands correlate to the neural pathways to the brain. Thought and behavior patterns mark your brain as well as your hands. They are the road map to what is happening inside you. Lines in your hands can change over the course of your lifetime, and can show your personality, your thinking, your strengths, your challenges, how you express love and so much more.

In your True You Life Purpose hand analysis session you will discover:

Your Life School – Where you spend most of your time on Planet Earth experiencing the gifts and challenges of life as it relates to the four schools of Service, Love, Wisdom or Peace.

Your Life Purpose – It’s your reason for being here, your BIG WHY. It’s what you’ve come to do.

Your Life Lesson – Your own personal kryptonite, that without knowing what your life lesson is will keep you feeling weak, uninspired and unable to take action. Knowing what your life lesson is, and choosing to have a different relationship with it can transform your life because you bump into it every day whether you realize it or not.

Your Heart Line Style – Knowing your heart line(s) will help you understand how you express your feelings, how you express love and affection, and how you want love and affection expressed to you. Imagine knowing the heart line style for you and your loved one, and using that knowledge and awareness to create deeper bonds and levels of acceptance of the unique love style of each other.

Gift Markings – There are 18 gift markings which identify “extra potential talent.” Think of them as extra super powers. Most people do not have gift markings. If you have gift markings, the more you have the fewer people there are like you. If you are unaware of your gifts, the penalties could be running your life and creating intense problems! Knowing your gifts and stepping into them can help ease your stress and transform your life.

A hand session can help you with:
• Your money
• Your work
• Your relationships
• Your family
• Your health

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Is Scientific Hand Analysis for Me?