True You Life Purpose

True You Life Purpose

Do you feel like you have a purpose but have no idea what it is?

Are you tired of following a path that leaves you feeling depleted and unfulfilled?

Have you somehow lost that spark you once had?

Do you feel like you are drowning in overwhelm?

Have you forgotten who you truly are?


It’s time to (re)discover your True You Life Purpose

In the busyness of our ever-increasing hectic world, it’s easy to forget who we truly are and go on auto-pilot, just trying to cope to get by. We edit ourselves to fit in and often end up editing out our best parts. We feel disconnected, having disconnected from our true selves.

These are uncertain times. For some, there is a growing desire to reconnect with what truly matters on a deeper level. It’s time to return to the True You and reclaim what makes you feel truly alive.

What is the True You?

It’s that part of you that is far more courageous and amazing than you give yourself credit for. The untapped potential just waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered. It’s your soul’s calling to live a more authentic life utilizing all your gifts and talents to create a more positive impact in your world. It’s you, being truly you, without apology.

Reconnecting with your True You isn’t difficult to find. The answers are as close as your finger tips. There is a map in your hands that can help guide you to your true life purpose using the assessment tool Scientific Hand Analysis.

Here’s some of the benefits of having a True You Life Purpose hand analysis session:

• Know your life purpose, which is your greatest potential for deeper fulfillment and satisfaction, and choose to fully live it
• Transform your branding to truly reflect who you are and what you offer
• Know your life lesson (your blind spots) and how to work with it effectively
• Learn how you are blocking yourself
• Develop your strengths
• Discover your hidden talents
• Use your leadership skills more effectively
• Create a plan to actually realize your goals and dreams
• Have healthier and more loving relationships
• Deepen your spiritual connections and intuition
• Improve your self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance
• Experience greater compassion and acceptance of yourself and others
• Develop stronger inner personal power
• Make more money while being on purpose
• Improve your communication skills
• Express more creativity and innovation
• Allow more beauty and harmony into your life
• Reclaim the forgotten dreams and parts of you
• Embrace and celebrate your unique soul design
• Validation you are on the right track
• Permission to be authentically YOU

Both individuals and businesses would benefit from Scientific Hand Analysis. It is the one assessment tool that can not be influenced by mental thinking of the person taking the test which may override the results.

You can be anywhere in the world and be able to have a hand session with me, as long as you can ship your prints and have an internet connection!

True You Life Purpose Session

A hand reading session is a powerful tool to help you discover who you are on a soul level.


Here’s what you will receive when you book a True You Life Purpose session:

1. A hand printing kit with instructions
2. Elaine’s complete analysis of your prints
3. A one-hour online session to go over the information in your hands such as:
• Your life school
• Your life purpose
• Your life lesson
• Your heart line style
• Any gift markings
4. A 7-page report
5. A recording of your session to review anytime you like


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