Heart Line Compatibility Reading

Discover the love styles for you and your loved one!

Imagine knowing the heart line style for you and your loved one, and using that knowledge and awareness to create deeper bonds and levels of acceptance of the unique love style of each other.

Knowing the heart line styles will help you both understand how you express your feelings, how you express love and affection, and how you want love and affection expressed to you.

Not in a romantic relationship at this time but want help with the other relationships in your life? This reading will also work for your relationships with your family, friends and even co-workers.

No hand prints are needed for this reading. Just clear, clean high-resolution photos of both palms and hands for each of you will work.

Here’s what you will receive when you book a Heart Line Compatibility Reading session:

1. Instructions via email
2. A 30-minute session to go over the information in your heart lines such as:
• Your heart line style
• Your partner’s heart line style
• Areas of compatibility between the two of you
• Areas to be aware of between the two of you
3. A recording of your session to review anytime you like


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What is Scientific Hand Analysis?

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