Here’s What Clients are Saying

True You Life Purpose Sessions

“Going through the scientific hand analysis with Elaine was such an amazing experience! It was so validating to understand how the work I do every day really is my life’s work. The information from the hand analysis gave me more confidence and uncovered some hidden talents and abilities that I have been able to tap into to. This new knowledge has allowed me to approach my work with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.– ANNE SCIARRONE


“I really enjoyed doing the “True You Life Purpose” session with Elaine and learned so much about myself from it. It not only validated things I knew about myself but shed light on situations I have been struggling with. I also learned a lot about talents that were not fully being used and even some that were hidden to me that I’m now exploring. I gained so much insight about myself from working with Elaine, insights that I continue to look at as I continue my personal growth. Thank you Elaine!” – PAUL NOLETTE


“My True You Life Purpose session was fascinating, and it’s already been a really useful addition to my “Know Thyself” toolbox. I think Elaine’s work would be especially meaningful to people who want to experience some insights about themselves in a way that’s a little different from the traditional. For me, that was the whole point – new insights in a new way – and she nailed it.”  – AMANDA D.


“Elaine, since our session, I have been giving myself permission to use this newfound insight to my advantage every day! I am using and TRUSTING my intuition – which has been proving to have such a  wonderfully profound effect in my life. I truly do have my own unique Super Powers and intend on using them with a great love for myself and others. Thank you for sharing this enlightening information with me, Elaine, and showing me first “hand” my divine strengths and lessons – right in the very palm of my own hands!” – BEV M.


“I recently had the privilege of working with Elaine Callahan for a Scientific Hand Analysis Session. Elaine was amazing! She helped me understand my Soul level gifts in a deeper way. Source has given us many road maps to learn more about our Sacred Truth and I love exploring the different maps because they give me a richer knowing of who I am. Thank you Elaine for embracing your truth and being of service to others with your brilliance!” – REBECCA KIRSON, Your Sacred Truth


“My session with Elaine was so revealing and validating. She analyzed my hand prints and created a True You Life Purpose reading for me at a pivotal point in my life, a period when I was struggling to understand what felt like competing interests for my focus, and I wasn’t sure why I was feeling so pulled.

After discovering all that my palms and fingers revealed about my life school, life purpose and life lessons, I had a whole new perspective on what makes up “me” and tremendous insight into patterns of my past and present. Thank you, Elaine, for teaching me so much about myself!” – EMILY PROCTOR


Creative Services

“I cherish the years Elaine and I have worked together in various ways. For many years we combined efforts when she was a contractor for branding and graphic design for the non-profit healthcare organization where I worked in communications. I always knew I could count on her to be right on the mark. She would understand what we needed to communicate and nail it, making me look good to my in-house clients as well!

Elaine is an amazing communicator in so many regards, whether it be verbal or visual. She is professional, mindful, intuitive and has a unique, personal style in all aspects of her life.

As her career evolved, I also enjoyed my personal experience with her hand analysis profession. Her insights amazed me. I think she has truly combined her intuitive soul with a science of the mind in her art, graphic design, branding, scientific hand analysis and all of her endeavors.

I highly recommend Elaine for her inner branding, scientific hand analysis, as well as outer branding, her creative services.” – SUSAN SUMMERS


“Elaine is a master designer, creator, and communicator. She’s truly gifted, and I feel lucky to have her on my team. Since meeting her, Elaine has exceeded my expectations time and time again. Her talent is unmatched – she can uniquely take her client’s words, ideas, and visions and turn them into something magical. I’ve worked with her for 3 years now, and with every project and design she’s presented me with, I’ve been overjoyed with the results. I can’t recommend Elaine enough. She is a gem.” – STEPHANIE ESPY, Stem Gems


“Elaine worked her magic and created a business concept that fits me perfectly! In ten years and tens of thousands of dollars of working with coaches on branding and marketing, I’ve never had anything that encompasses the work I do in the way that Elaine put it together during our strategy session. I’m even more clear in my mind exactly what I do, so I can speak more clearly about it. Elaine saw me more clearly than I saw myself.

I then hired Elaine for an event to help me with my banner, booth concept and collateral, logo, and presentation design. Her work was completely brilliant and on-brand for me – so much that it never occurred to anyone that I had hired someone to do it. The quality of her work was amazing! She is easy and fun to work with while also being professional. I had so much fun at the event, and others commented on how fun and perfect my booth was.– NANCIE BENSON